Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if I’m missing something when it comes to exporting my Flash movie. Upon double clicking the swf file, Explorer doesn’t necessarily adhere to the size of my Flash movie. I was just wondering if there was anyway to make my exporer window only have the exact movie size present in it. If this doesn’t make sense I can try and explain further.


try fscommand (“allowscale”, “false”); in your 1st frame…

lemme see if this is the result you want.

you want your movie to only be a certain size (not resizable) right?

if so, Then when you double click the swf file itself, its opening into the flash player, (or it should) and it wont have the fixed size parameters. What you have to do is export the html with it and make it exact size (or something like that in the publish settings).

hope this helps =)