Premier or after effects


Could someone please explain the difference between adobe premier and adobe after effects? What is each one designed to do? What makes the two different? How can I use them with flash?

Obviously I’m a New B so basic terminology would be nice…

Thanx for the time.

Premiere is for video montage (ie stitchin your videos together) great for make one big clip out of many little ones, where as after effects is well, for after effects; video compositing, special fx (like particle systems, photoshop-like effects etc…)

Since I work on little clips (no more than 5-6 minutes) I don’t use Premiere at all, because AfterEffects can do the job… If you have a plethora of footage to add to your video though, it would be wiser to use a prog such as Premiere to put them all together…

And check the drawing&deisng forum, this has been asked before I gather…

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it has been asked before , i couldnt find the thread, :stuck_out_tongue:

mlkdesign is pretty much on the spot with his response, i like to break down premier and after effects like this

Premier is used to edit raw video data (like when you just download video for a DV camera or something like that) you can cut and paste and edit your video till your happy, so i believe that it is main use it to edit film and finalize footage, rendering out to a compressed format or leaving it in its raw form.

What after effects is for is to create post production effects on imported files. which is basically effects placed on Graphics, movies, vectors , pretty much any sort of media that is in its completed form and has been imported into AE. AE is used to create motion graphic effects as well as compositing moving and static graphics.

regarding what can each do for you with flash, well use premier to put the clips all together. import that into after effects and render out a video, where you can import into flash, you can also export to flash in after effects.

both good apps, both different.

i dont know what others have said because i dont want to read throught all the posts. But i know that Premier is used for setting up your movies, and after effects is used to add well effects.

Thank you all, appreciate it.