I have a series of 5 flash files that I would like to play consecutively as a a single standalone presentation.
What’s the best way to do this.
I tried making a projector out of each one but cannot play the .exe’s consecutively in a batch file (all played at once)
Also tried making a separate flash file that called the exe’s from
on (release) {
fscommand (“exec”, “file.exe”);

but they all played at the same time as well.
Any suggestions?

you can do a lil loadmovie action at the end of each SWF

Don’t know if that works, as the subject is standalone (exe) files, will the loadMovie work? And you have to provide all the swf’s too…
Why don’t you make a new movie, and put all your files in there in playing order, then export as standalone/ exe?

hey geocomp
did u solve the problem(presenting the series of flash movies as one single movie), i’m working on the same problem, can u help me as how u figured it out

This was my project for my work…I had to create a presentation in Flash and put it in a CDROM that will play automatically when inserted in the CDRom drive.

My Solution:
I made my Movies (8 total SWF). The MAIN MOVIE I exported (published) as an EXE file (standalone flash player). On the FLA for the MAIN movie I added a LOADMOVIE actionscript that will load the next movie and at the end of each movie i did the same thing loading the rest of my movies.
So all you need is 1 EXE file and as long as the rest of the SWF’s are in the same folder, they will load just like a standalone presentation.

I also had to make a INF file so the CD will auto run.

I hope this helps

thanks for the solution,
actually i tried that, and it’s working fine, what i’m looking for is to have all the *.swf files(in my case #13) in one Main movie file and play them one after the other, so that instead have having mutiple file, we have one single file which can be easily downlaodable or made into a standalone presentation

any more suggestions

All I can think of the top of my head is to make your MAIN movie and IMPORT each SWF into a MC and call each MC after they finish playing. The problem I see with this is the FILE SIZE…with 13 SWF imported into 1 main SWF this could get really REALLY big and tough to download.

Good luck. I hope this helps


i worked on that too,the problem is once i make movie clips for two r three *swf files( each file is of more 130KB), the system doesn’t respond and hangs.
i think i should go about working as u said before,call one after the other, having individual *swf files in the same folder,in that way i can make changes whenever r wherever i would like too…