Prevent/not scale controlbar in fullscreen mode

Hi all!
My first post here

I have been searching for a solution here at and many other forums, but haven’t found the right one yet
The thing is that I used a flv player tutorial and have created a fully customized flv player and it works great except for one thing. When I added a fullscreen mode I use the scaleMode called showAll. It works great, the movie clips scales perfectly on both regular screens and widescreens.
One thing that I haven’t solved yet is that I do not want my controlbar (play, pause, scrub etc) to scale up like the rest of the movie. I want it just as small (the same proportions/size) as in the small video window. How do I do that? I have seen on many other flv players, such as YouTube, that they get a 100% wide controlbar at the lowest bottom of the monitor, with the same size of the buttons, just the loadbar with the scrub resizing in width. Maybe that’s a solution? Anyway, I just want my controlbar in fullscreen mode as small as in the small window mode. How do I do that? I have tried a couple of solutions but it hasn’t worked
My code for toggling between screen sizes is below. Thanks in advance guys!

Stage.scaleMode = "showAll";
Stage.showMenu = true;

function toggleFullScreen(){

ctrlbar.fullScreenBtn.onRelease = function(){

function resizeHandler(){
   theVideo._height = Stage.height;
   theVideo._width =  Stage.width;
var stageResize:Object = new Object();
stageResize.onResize = function(){