Probem in Scrolling dynamically created MC

Hi Friends,

I’ve made xml gallery which has simple slideshow in starting and after clicking on that its takes to the xml loaded scrolling mc which is not scrolling properly like the tuts here in Kirupa. I’ve following code for that

function ScrollingCollectionTimeLine(target:MovieClip, speed:Number, dir:Number) {
var mousePercent:Number = page_collections._xmouse/725;
var mSpeed:Number;
if (dir == 1) {
mSpeed = 1-mousePercent;
} else {
mSpeed = mousePercevnt;
target.destX = Math.round(-((target._width-725)mSpeed));
target.onEnterFrame = function() {
if (target._x == target.destX) {
delete target.onEnterFrame;
} else {
target._x += Math.ceil((target.destX-target._x)

I am also attaching my fla and swf file here. Any help will be highly appreciated and many thx in advance.