Proberlm loading an external swf file into my main site

Hi i am extreemly new to flash / website design ( i made my first site 6 months ago ) i am very interested in making a good looking flash site. I have made a simple flash site before using dynamic text loading it form .txt documents. too bad the site is realy lame and i want to make a better one. here is the url to my site
here This came about throught the useage of tutorials on this site.

i am using flash MX version 6

now i am in the process of making a new site for my profile which will be totaly flash, using flash movies getting imported into a main site under a certain layer.

here is how it is set up.

under folder flash//
-index.html- ( contains site.swf
-site.swf- ( mian console ) which is in teh index.htm file

*both 1 and 2 are movies of the same size as the original.
their layers are set up like this

-border- a black border tracing around the main site’s console design so i know how much room i have to work with.

-text- a text layer used so i can test to se if the movie loads right
-bg- a black background ( so it fits in with site design )( starts on second frame )

-preloader- contains a loader bar and a script for it to work in the frst frame - second frame contains the stop script to stop the replay of the movie.

the site swf isset up like this

-buttons- a layer whcih contaisn 2 button sysmbols~ these will be used to load the movie into the other movie.

-border- contains my photoshop created border with transperancy too see the background

-banner- contains my ps banner which is fits into a gap in the console

-movie- where i want the other movies to go

-loader- contains a loader in a first frame , second frame has a script to stop the movie looping.

real size pic of site here the site require 1024x786 resoulution and doesn’t contain the buttons, as it was taken before i had made them.

my question is whta script / processes will i have to do to get the movies 1 and 2 to load into the layer movie in site.swf which will be in the index.html file ( all in same folder )

i have looked at this tutorial and it said somthing about using a script

on (release) {

i tired to understan this comamnd but no matter what i did it wouldn’t even load the movie i wanted in the other movie… any help would be very apreciated.

if you need any more info plz ask.

regards… byrnzie