Problem building site in Flash - need specific answer


Be really grateful if anybody can help me. I’ve followed Kirupa’s tutorial for building a full flash site in Flash MX. My site has 5 pages, 4 are just single text pages, the fifth is a gallery. For each page I’m using the LoadMovie command to load movieclips into an empty movie clip - as in the tutorial

My problem is on the gallery page. When the page loads, I want a movie clip of gallery thumbnails to appear first. There are a lot of thumbnails for different galleries, so I am using a sliding animation movie clip to allow users to browse up and down the list of galleries. Each thumbnail is a button, which loads the selected gallery into another empty movie clip, and the thumbnails should disappear.

Here is the problem. When the user has viewed a gallery, they can click on a button to take them back to the sliding thumbnails movie clip, and I want it to be in the same position it was in before they loaded the gallery. What I thought would work is to combine the LoadMovie clip (for the selected gallery) with a “visibility = false;” command (for the thumbnail movie clip). I planned to use an unload movie command (for the gallery clip) along with a “visibility = true;” command (for the thumnails clip) to achieve this.

Is this the best way of doing it? Should it work? I can’t get it to work - can get the galleries to load into the empty clip, but I can’t get them to unload, and I can’t get the thumbnail page to show and hide correctly. I suspect maybe I have the paths specified incorrectly - but I don’t know what my mistake is.

This problem has been holding up my site for a long time so I really would appreciate any assistance. Would like to solve it myself but I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.