Problem in getting data from .net in flash

I am loading an aspx file to get the string of some url’s like this:


when I check the output in .net, it displays me the correct string, but when I check the string received in my flash file it displays me only string upto ‘&’ character i.e.


Here is my code in flash file,
here ‘shopPageData’ is the string received from the aspx file

				var shopPageData_str:String = new String(shopPageData);
				trace("shopPageData_str  "+shopPageData_str);
				var shopDataArray:Array = new Array();
				var array1:Array = shopPageData_str.split("^");
				//trace("array len  "+array1.length);
				var array2:Array = new Array();
				//trace("array1  "+array1);
				for (var i = 0; i<array1.length; i++)
					//var temp:String = new String(array1*);
					//array2 = temp.split("=");
					var temp:String = new String(array1*);
					trace("temp  "+temp);
					var index = temp.indexOf("=");
					array2[0] = temp.substr(0, index);
					array2[1] = temp.substr(index+1, temp.length);

					trace("array2     0  -----------  "+array2[0]+"    1   ---------     "+array2[1]);
					shopDataArray* = [array2[0], array2[1]]
					//trace("out  "+i+"  0 ---  "+shopDataArray*[0]+"  1 --"+shopDataArray*[1]);


What can be the problem?

Thanks in advance