Problem making text disappear

Okay this is the problem,

I have a movie called main movie, this movie will be used to run external movies in a specified content area.

I have a movie called movie 2, and i want this to be displayed in the content area specified in main movie.

Now all this works fine.

the problem is that in movie 2 i have a paragraph of text and buttons underneath this paragraph, when the user clicks on a button i want the paragraph of text to dissappear.

Now this works fine if i run movie 2 by itself, but when i run main movie and load movie 2 into content, the button seems to do nothing.

This sounds like an addressing problem

heres the code that i have on the button at the moment

on (release) { = false;

best = instance name of the mini movie that has inside it the button and the paragraph (within movie 2)

text = the instance name of the paragraph of text

I’d be grateful if anyone can help me, if you think u might be able to help me but need the fla, then leave ur msn messenger email address and i’ll send u the fla, as the fla is slightly too big to be attached.