Problem making text disappear

Okay this is the problem,

I have a movie called main movie, this movie will be used to run external movies in a specified content area.

I have a movie called movie 2, and i want this to be displayed in the content area specified in main movie.

Now all this works fine.

the problem is that in movie 2 i have a paragraph of text and buttons underneath this paragraph, when the user clicks on a button i want the paragraph of text to dissappear.

Now this works fine if i run movie 2 by itself, but when i run main movie and load movie 2 into content, the button seems to do nothing.

This sounds like an addressing problem

heres the code that i have on the button at the moment

on (release) { = false;

best = instance name of the mini movie that has inside it the button and the paragraph (within movie 2)

text = the instance name of the paragraph of text

I’d be grateful if anyone can help me, if you think u might be able to help me but need the fla, then leave ur msn messenger email address and i’ll send u the fla, as the fla is slightly too big to be attached.

i’ve shrunk the files so u can download them here, the instructions are given inside the files.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could help.

Hey man,

look at your code. See how you are using _root?

when u load a movie into another, the loaded movie is treated like a movie clip. So after loading the movie clip into the “main” movie, the path to the text box would be somehting like instead of, where loadmc is the movieclip into which you are loading your movies.

One solution would be to use the… but a more flexible method would be to use _parent, or this to get a relative path. If you are not sure what the relative path would be, click on the target (crosshairs icon in the actions window) button and switch the mode to “Relative” (as opposed to absolute). Then find “text” inside best. It will then put in the relative path to best.text for you.

CHEERS :thumb:

Thanks for your reply, i’ve put the fla’s on if you care to look.

In my main movie i have a content movie clip where i load the externals into, i tried using the code

on (release) { = false;

but this still didn’t work.

try this:

on (release) { = false;

Thanks for your help, unfortunately it didn’t work, i’ve attached the files on the post above so u can have a look at the fla’s.

yeh i actually looked at the .fla and it worked fine for me. im gonna do it again and upload the new fla this time :wink:

Here, I’ve done exactly like I suggested above - and it works.