Problem with attachMove method


I am using the attachMovie method to add the same movie clip in the library more then once. I know I am using the method right coz it works fine when creating just one movie clip.

The problem comes when trying to load more then one movie clip. I am doing a for loop that loops for just three (3) time. Following is the code I am using:

var xPos = 0; // Stores the xPos co-Ordinates.
var yPos = 0; // Stores the yPos co-Ordinates.
// Loops for three times to display three movie clips.
// Determining curr load.
_global.currLoad = i;
// Placing the new movie in place.
MyParent.attachMovie("movChildreen", "new"+i, 1, {_x:xPos, _y:yPos});
// Getting the new yPos value.
yPos += MyParent["new"+i]._height+10; 

However for some reason the previous two movies are not being created, and only the third loaded movie is visible. Note that the third movie is loaded in the specified _x and _y co-ordinates for this movie. I tried using the trace method and retrieve the height of the other two movies and this worked, meaning thew other two movies exsist (i think)

I also tried using the duplicateMovieClip to no avail. Since this returned the same results as the attachMovie method.

I have no idea what is the problem. I have attached a file I started working on to try to understand the problem! but still can’t find out what the problem is!! and I the file will make someone help me in this problem!!