Problems using create & attachMovie

ok step by step:

I need to create an empty movie, load another movie into it and keep this process going until there are 5 instances then unload the first.

This works fine in _root. but as soon as I start navigating inside MC’s they replace the last one loaded! Maybe i’m not understanding how the createMC and attachMC work, but it’s confusing me? Code follows:

button_mc.onPress = function(){
if (i>=4){
var deleteHolder:Number = i-4;
dragMe_mc.dragMe_hit.createEmptyMovieClip(‘empty’, this.getNextHighestDepth());
dragMe_mc.dragMe_hit.empty.createEmptyMovieClip(‘holder_mc’+i, this.getNextHighestDepth());
dragMe_mc.dragMe_hit.empty[‘holder_mc’+i].attachMovie(‘anim_mc’, ‘movie’, this.getNextHighestDepth());
dragMe_mc.dragMe_hit.empty[‘holder_mc’+i].movie._x= i*30;
//_root[‘holder_mc’+i].movie._xscale = 55.6;
//_root[‘holder_mc’+i].movie._yscale = 55.6;
dragMe_mc.dragMe_hit.empty[‘holder_mc’+i].movie.text_mc.text = 'This is Movie Clip Number: '+i;