Problem with contact sheet (only half visible when used in website)

Dear all,

I have a problem…I made a contact sheet which is working perfectly (I tested it in a seperate flash file and it worked). The problem hoever is that I want to use it in a website I’m making, but when I copy the movieclip into my webpage it is only half visible!!! I dont know what could be the problem, and I hope someone has the answer.

In the website, the movieclip is placed inside a movieclip, which in its turn is also placed inside another movieclip: movieclip1/movieclip2/contact. When I do it like this no problems arise: “movieclip1/contact” of “contact”. This is however not possible in the structure of my website…

The contact form is found here:

And the website is found here (The contact form is under “Tarieven” / “Contact”):

Strange problem if you ask me! Hope someone has an answer…