Problem with drop down menu seen @


I seem to be having a problem doing the tutorial found here at My drop down menu behaves like it should however when I apply the actions to one of the buttons in the actual drop down movie…the movie is never retrieved.

In the file attached, the button 1 has the script

on (release) {

When tested this works fine. However if u select the drop down layer which has a movie called menu1 and you double click on that you will see how my drop down menu reveals itself. The problem that I am having is that when I apply the same action script as seen above on any of those buttons in the menu 1 movie as in this case button 5, the script doesn’t seem to work. I thought I may have had the wrong naming convention regarding the path path…but if it works on the button 1 button…I am not understanding why it isn’t working on say button 5 inside the menu1 movie.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. As far as the external file called property_management.swf…u can make a simple .swf and called it that…or use your own.
Thanks In Advance