Problem with dynamic text fields

Flash CS3, AS2.

Im creating a website that has a “Descripcion” movieClip which contains 3 dynamic text fields: “Cliente”, “Pieza” and “Cuerpo”.

On top of that _level0 (main movie) im loading different .swf onto different _levels.
In these .swfs I have buttons that when they are pressed should tell the dynamic text fields on the
main movie to output some text of course.

Here is the code Im using in the loaded .swf

Pieza01.onRelease = function(){
_level0.menu_mc.Descripcion.Cliente.text = “Lorem”;
_level0.menu_mc.Descripcion.Pieza.text = “Lorem ipsum”;
_level0.menu_mc.Descripcion.Cuerpo.text = “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisci.”;

I forgot to mention that the Description movieClip is inside another movieClip called “menu_mc”.

The problem is pretty weird.
All that code/instance names are working because I can see it working when i test my movie.
But when I test in on the browser or even if I just open the .swf from my hard drive instead of
testing it from flash, it wont work.

Any ideas, please let me know if i didnt make myself clear.

thanks a lot, marcelo.