Problem with flash loader

hi friends… i need help.

basically i have two related problems.

  1. i have a loader in my flash movie related to some buttons (the loader is the one included in the program, at components). some of them make the loader load .JPG and it works perfectly, but some buttons make the loader load another .swf file. the problem is that the .swf files are kind of big so they have a preloader. those files works perfectly on their own, but when they are loaded by the loader the preloader doesnt work… the screen stays black (the background color) till the .swf file is downloaded, as if there isnt a preloader. (hope you understand what i mean)

  2. the buttons that refer to the loader arent at the same level as the loader. the buttons are inside a movieclip that is inside a movieclip, that is inside another movieclip, etc (like 5 levels). so when i typed the accionscrip i did it like this:

// the accionscript is in the button

on(release) {
loader.contentPath = “
but it didnt work.

then i typed the same script in a button at the same level as the loader and it worked perfectly (exept that problem 1 appeared)

so please somebody tell me how to refer to the loader that isnt in the same movieclip, level, as the button

thanks for your time.