Problem with font display

hello everyone,

Is there a way to display font in normal way ?
it seems that FLASH always display fonts in a blurry
kinda way. If I choose ‘use device font’ the fonts is
not displayed when I use mask over them !!!
( they just disappear, plus you can’t align-justify them)

I’m sorry if this seems to be a stupid question, I’m
new on this FLASH thingie and I’ve tried almost every
button there is in the menu bar and toolbar. :frowning: :frowning:

ok maybe not EVERY Button (hehehe) but I tried
everything I could think of in my limited knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:
so any help will be very much appreciated here

thanks :slight_smile:

you will find the information you need about fonts in the Best of Kirupa section.

embedded fonts
anti aliasing

Iammontoya, I believe the page you are talking about is
[ ]
thit one ? I can’t find ‘Best Of Kirupa’ anywhere, but I found
this page by using the search box. anyway it talks about
Dynamic text and I tried it, and I have exactly the same
problem, it won’t display under mask unless I embed them.
and we all know embedding will make things blurry.

If you read the next thread, I think that guy is having the
same problem. Is there really no other way to achieve a crisp
text that is treated like normal static text ? like by using
action scripting thingie, maybe ?

anyway thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: