Problem with Fscommand exec. (urgent!)

Having problem using fscommand applying exec. button.\r\ron (release) {\r fscommand(“exec”, “test.exe”);\r}\r\rfollowing with this command, i have exporting my movie to swf file. nothing seems to exec.after i have click on the button. Pls Help…\r

I you want something to “exec” , this ‘something’, in your case ‘test.exe’ , needs to be next to your swf (same folder).\rWhat exactly is it you wanna do?\r\rBtw, as we’re in the MX forum: fscommand has been disabled for Flash MX!!!\rThanks a lot, Macromedia! Sucks big time!

is that so? I dont see where this command has been eliminated, or deprecated?

I thought that it was deprecated as well, but upon further review, the index of ALL comands shows it, with NO deprecated statment.\r\rNor did I see it in the deprecated folder\r\rExample\r\rUsage 1: In the following example, the fscommand action sets the Flash Player to scale the movie to the full monitor screen size when the button is released.\r\ron(release){\r fscommand(“fullscreen”, true);\r}\r\r\rNOTE: You also need to publish the “html” with it set to Publish using the template.\r\rFile:\rPublish Setting:\rHTML Tab:\rDrop menu, Template:\rFlash with FScommand

thanks ppl. btw have discovered a way to exec. the file. \r\ron (release) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp fscommand(“exec”, “test.exe”);\r}\r\r\rCreate a folder name it “fscommand”, place it beside the projector. Put the test.exe in the fscommand folder. You’re done!!!

‘Issue \rThe stand-alone Macromedia Flash Player 5 version 5,0,30,0 for Windows (installed with the Macromedia Flash 5 authoring tool) has a feature that allows authors to execute external programs on the client machine. While this feature is useful, it also can present a security risk. Macromedia has released an updated version of the stand-alone player for Windows…’\r’The updated stand-alone Macromedia Flash Player 5,0,30,2 does not have the ability to execute outside applications. The player ignores the fscommand (“exec”) action; all other content can be expected to function normally. This player also ignores an undocumented feature of the FSCommand as well, refer to Potential security issue with FSCommand “Save” (TechNote 16200) for more details.’\r\rrest i couldn’t find…