Fscommand("exec", path) doesn't work for me


I created a swf movie which contains a button with this action:

on (release) {
fscommand(“exec”, “extra\start1.exe”);

then i published this movie to an *.exe program (projector).
In it’s folder i’ve created another folder named ‘extra’, which contains program ‘start1.exe’.

but program ‘start1.exe’ doesn’t load, when i click the button…
is there something i don’t know ?
please help me…

ok, everybody, I found the answers by myself:

problem is explained right here:
Macromedia’s explanation on fscommands ‘exec’ issue in Flash MX

“In Macromedia Flash MX the external application must be in a subfolder named ‘fscommand’. This subfolder must be in the same directory as the projector which uses the fscommand action. This security restriction helps prevent malicious use of the exec option.”

also I found some relevant relaited links in the internet:

FlashJester’s tool kit for fscommand

FS Tool - freeware

good luck!