Problem with loadMovie ()

:asian: Hi all, i got problem loading .jpg file into flash. i’d drawn a square and converted it to movie-clip. then i added some actionscripts to load the file, it worked, but the file was loaded below the square insted of in the square.

Please guys help me, if you have problem understanding what my problem is, you can download the file at


sorry cutie … couldn’t get to your file. i got an error 404 when i clicked on the link to the zip.

and i’m not quite sure i understand your question. you should attatch your fla file and the jpeg you are trying to load instead of a zip somewhere on the net. then maybe we could understand better.


Anyway, what’s the line of code you are using to load the jpg and what is the instance name of the movie clip into which you want to load it?

If the instance name of the square movie clip was “sq01” and the jpg was myImage.jpg, your loadMovie statement should be:

loadMovie(“myImage.jpg”, “_root.sq01”);

Well, no Kenny, if you do that you’re going to erase the square. What you have to keep in mind (Wendy) is that when you load your movie, the coordinates you use are the coordinates of its top left corner.

May I suggest you take a look at the tutorial ‘Loading techniques’, it’s very clear and very well explained :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian:

Oh, so now we want to keep the square :slight_smile: haha - my bad.

How about:

on(press) {

Place an empty mc on stage with the instance name of sq02. Determine the upper-left x & y axis points of where you want the jpg to appear on the squar to replace the above x & y points.