Problem with loadVars

Hi all,

I have 2 loadVars - myVars, myPictures

basically i have defined their onLoad functions

so in myVars, i call for

myPictures.load(""+this._parent.link2.text+"&time=" add getTimer(), "");

pictures2.php is working cos I just check so by rite the variables loaded should change… but somehow each time I check those variables in myPictures.onLoad, the variables are always the same. I checked these online as well… am i doing something wrong?

try this:


same result… :frowning:

is there somewhere i can clear the variables loaded earlier and reload them with new variables?

anyone? i tried with a new movie with 2 buttons each asking myVars to load a different php file… apparently the variables loaded are appended… can someone teach me how to reload?

Not sure why getTimer doesn’t work. You can try this,

myPictures.load (" + this._parent.link2.text + "&antiCache=" + new Date ().getTime ());

This should ensure that a new page is requested everytime from the server. Another thing
you can try is, see whether the page is loaded back correctly by sending the antiCache variable back along with the contents of the file. And display it somewhere in the flash file. They you would know whether a new page was requested.

Also try to see if the php script is working from the browser directly with the url you are generating in the flash movie.