Problem with Photo Gallery Using XML and Flash

hello, first post (second if you count a miss post), so hey to everyone!.

im using a tutorial from the flash kirupa website…otogallery.htm

i have completed my gallery and when i preview it i get an ‘undefined’ message in the description text field and the image position text field displays ‘1/0’,
when i preview the supplied tutorial fla file i get the same message too.
i have my images.xml and images folder in the same directory as the swf
and the link paths in the xml are correct.

im using flash8 on a mac,
although the fla & tutorial is for flash mx/2004, would this be the problem?

im using the unchanged actoinscript from the tutorial.
not experienced enough yet to be creating anything original

i tried posting the code but it gets all messed up in the forum window

thanks for any help or info on how to get it working.

ok i am focussing until crosseyed; still cannot figure out this same problem…
give us a hint?


mine work perfectly as like the example
did you, maybe change some text inside the xml??

or you might be getting error with this
"<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8” standalone=“yes”?>"
try deleting it!!! i also did try deleting it and still work (i dont know what’s that code for)

and also check that the other code are inside “<”, “</” and “>”

and be sure your XML are save in the same folder as where your flash file are save.

anyway I’m new in here
so hello everybody:angel: