Using XML and Flash Photo Gallery tutorial

I am in the process of learning more about flash and its capabilities. My main goal is to create a photo gallery with the scrolling thumbnails. I have decided to go one step at a time and started with making a simple photo gallery. There are a few questions I have about that tutorial but I will save it for later because they are not critical. I was able to successfully create a simple photo gallery.

I have gone through step by step in the “Photo Gallery Using XML and Flash” tutorial and have been unsuccessful. I am not sure if it has to do with my images.xml file. It says to create a xml file using an ASCII formatted text document such as notepad.

Can Microsoft Word be used as well?

I have copied and pasted everything word for word, as well as the copy to be placed on the actions layer in the fla file. I am not sure what I could be doing wrong. When I go to publish as it instructs at end of page 2 of the tutorial, no photos come up and the dynamic text #2 field says “undefined.” It seems that when I open the swf file it does the same thing and an error message comes up saying that the path is undefined.

I have saved everything to the same folder on my hard drive and have repeatedly tried to create this photo gallery using the tutorial. I know that once I get past this that it is as simple as changing the code in the xml file to read to my photos. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you