Problem with pic gallery again, last time!

Well, here i am again, but with good reason. I posted a thread about the same thing the other day, but i can’t quite get the answer that i am looking for, so i asked again, trying to word my question better, but had problems attatching the file the second time, so i deleted the first thread, then it worked. Then i got no answer for a long time, and when i came back everyone was whining because i posted the same question, and deleted the old thread, but i was just trying to get a fresh start, cuz i thought that i maybe worded it wrong the first time. So, i am going to try and ask the question again, for the last time, and if it doesn’t work out from this point, then i will give up. I am a newbie, so if this question is just too stupid for you, then ignore it, and don’t whine about me posting it again. Now, on to my question, i will try to word it the best that i can.
In my photo gallery i have the photos loading into the very center of the stage, but what i really want is for them to load into the very center of a movie clip called cone. I was wondering if there is a way to change the var absX = stage.width/2.; to something like var absX = movie.width/2.; with that movie being the cone movie in my animation. This might sound really wierd, but i can’t really think of a way to word it, so if it sounds too confusing let me know.
Yesterday I got a bunch of answers that would work if i was only loading photos of the same size, but i am going to be loading photos of different sizes, so that is why i am asking this question again. I attached the file again, if anyone would like to look at it and help me out.
Sorry if it annoys everyone that i have to ask the same question again, but i just haven’t got the answer that i need so, hopefully this will solve my problem, and i won’t have to ask again.

MovieClip.prototype.centerMC = function(){
	this._x = (Stage.width/2) - (this._width/2);
	this._y = (Stage.height/2) - (this._height/2);