Problem with positionning emptymovieclip(s)

I need to load several swf from several rollover on mcs instances.
I create an empty mc as follow
[COLOR=blue]_root.container._x = 140;
_root.container._y = 580;[/COLOR]
and then on each mc I use
[COLOR=blue]t1.onRollOver = function(){
t1.onRollOut = function(){
It works ok, loads, unloads but of course the swfs all load at the same x and y positions. I need each loaded swf to have a different position each time there is a rollover…
SO SO SO Do I have to create an empty movie clip ( container 2, 3 etc…) for each mc??? I am sure that there must be another way than this fastidious one…and there I need your precious help, advises or guideness to a tuto.