createEmptyMovieClip replaces the entire MC

So I’m having a loading problem that should be easy to fix.
My external swf is replacing everything in the mc that it loads into

my code:

col_table2.onPress = function () {
this._parent._parent._parent.container._x = 100;
this._parent._parent._parent.container._y = 100;

I’ve tried directing it to the root, and to other MC’s along the way, and different depths and I think everything. I don’t even know where to go now. I’m working in flash8, I don’t think this could possibly make a difference, but…also the _x and _y values aren’t being read so I can’t change the position of the loaded MC. I’ve tried countless renditions of the code. I could really use a little help as such a simple thing is begining to drive me crazy.

any suggestions?