Problem with Preloading external files

Hey, i have a pre-loader with a progress bar loading my main swf, but the background is a random swf. Currently it seems that the preloader only loads the main.swf(which makes sense) and then it will load the bgpic swf which makes the preloader useless.
I tried putting this in the frame that preloads, but the image never shows up.

To clarify just incase that was a bit confusing, I just want to randomly select and preload a swf along with the main.swf at the same time and have the progress bar reflect their combined progress.

Does anyone have an suggestions on how i could do this?

Have you tried to put the randomly loaded clip’s AS before the preloaders AS?

It seems like when i try to add the bg to the front, the image won’t show up for some reason. My buttons and stuff are there, but the bg never shows.

I was able to get it to show up once using the create blank movie clip command, but it was pasted on top of the buttons and i couldn’t for the life of me get it beneath them.

if you use the swapDepths() code, you can get it beneath the button depths.

Thanks that worked. Turns out i had an instance that was at depth -1600 for some odd reason so even when i tried setting the bg depth to -1000 it didn’t matter ;p

Thanks again!