Rollover tutorial help

i made a rollover button like the one in tutorial but it doesn’t work.
i did exactly what it says.
when i put my cursor over it says:
" Target not found: Target="/rollover" Base="_level0""

please help me

:::assuming you are also using the tellTarget way:::

Use _root.YourMC.gotoAndPlay(frame#);

this is what i have:
on (rollOver) {
tellTarget ("/rollover") {
gotoAndPlay (“1text”);

what do i do exactly?
my movieclip called 1text

1text should be a frame label, not a movie clip name.

That could be what is causing your problem.

that is my frame label.

i do the tutorial it works. but wheni make my own it doesn’t

Well that is quite the odd situation. Obviously you are skipping a step somewhere if it works on the tutorial, but not when you do it yourself.

Try redoing the tutorial slower (I know I know, you probably have :slight_smile: ) to see if there is any step you may have missed.


on (rollOver) {
tellTarget ("/rollover") {
gotoAndPlay ("1text");

Can be changed to

on (rollOver) {

Much cleaner :slight_smile:

i used the new code and now that error msg doesn’t come up but it does nothing still.

Can you post a .fla file?

It is kind of hard to pinpoint a problem with no visuals.

here it is.

I know the exact problem.

You forgot to assign the instance name “rollover” (without quotes) to your movie clip that contains the rollover animation.

_root.rollover tells your movie to go to the movie clip with the instance name of rollover.

gotoAndPlay(“1text”) tells the movie to play the frame label 1text that is located in the movie clip labeled rollover.

To assign an instance name click on your movie clip and open the properties window. There will be a spot in there that say Instance Name, replace that with the instance name of your clip.

Problem solved… tried tested and true on this side.

wheres the properties window?
yay it works. lostinbeta your a genius

I am supposing you found the properties window since you said that it worked???

If not… I think CTRL+F3 is the keyboard shortcut for it (not sure).