Problem with Super Pixel Fonts


I am a newbie to the forums (and flash) and I am having a problem using the super pixel fonts. I bought the corporate font from the partner font site and I read your tutorial on using the super fonts, but I still cant get it to work. I have attached the .fla file and I kept the X and Y coordinates as whole numbers but some of the buttons are working and some are not. You can also view what I am talking about at:

This is the first time I have used flash and I am having fun with it thanks to the great tutorials. I just want to get the text on these buttons looking nice and clean. Thanks!


I searched the forum for this and found some interesting answers. SOunds like these fonts are a pain in the butt. I will look around once I wake up…thanks all!

Change the the X and Y coordinates of your buttons to whole numbers. I can’t see if the result is good 'cause i don’t have that font.
:slight_smile: Ubik