Problem with text and scrollbars in flash 8

I have a flash file that has a few different “pages” within it. I havent used scenes, I’ve used frames.

I have a bunch of text in a clip that has a scrollbar. Now when you click a link from this text, to another “page”, lets say on thsi other page you scroll to the bottom, and then press a button that takes you back to the first page, it puts you at the bottom of the scrolling area rather than the top.

How would you make it so that it always goes back to the top?

An example of what im on about is here:

Click the Clinton and Nadio “read more” link, then when it goes to that page, scroll to the bottom of the page. Then click the “go back” button. You will notice you cant see any text on the front page now, but you have to scroll up to see it.

Any ideas?

the flash file can be downloaded here: