I have just published my first ever Flash website and am experiencing some unpredictable problems when using the site live. I have asked my web host for help, but they have turned me away as they can’t explain the problem. I am growing more and more anxious and worried as I put months of hard work and effort into creating my website and now that it is finally live, I just can’t solve this final issue – I would be forever grateful for any support you could offer/

Could you please take a moment to visit my website at (you can click ‘SKIP INTRO’ to go straight to the home page).

Can you please click ‘WORK’ - you will notice that a series of buttons appears along the top. If you click on ‘ART DIRECTION’ for example, then a further choice of buttons appear underneath - AND HERE’S WHERE I AM EXPERIENCEING A PROBLEM - If you click ‘THE RADIATOR COMPANY’ for example, then you should INSTANTLY see the work relating to this button appear in the main white panel below. However, the first time I load the site (after clearing my cache/history), I am seeing some random other words appear where the buttons are, and then eventually some work appears but it is NOT that which is associated with the button you have just clicked.
You will experience this same problem with any of buttons inside the ‘WORK’ section. However, if you give the website a few minutes, then it seems to work fine (until you clear your cache/history and try again). THIS IS VERY VERY CONFUSING AS IF YOU VIEW THE ORIGINAL .swf OFFLINE, THEN IT WORKS FINE. Can you please help to explain why I am getting this problem and how to fix it?

I am more than happy to send you the original.swf file so you can see how the site should run without this problem – then you can go online to the live site and you will b able to clearly see the issues – please let me know if you would like this or any other file.

Finally I really do appreciate any help you can offer.

Kind Regards,