Problems connecting to AIM with wireless network

I am connected to a wireless network (along with 3 other pc’s in my apartment) and we are having trouble logging into AIM; only one of us is able to connect to the aim servers at a time. We receive messages like “you are trying to log on again to soon” I believe this has something to do with IP addresses/the setup of the wireless router. Can anyone help?


Does the wireless router plug in to another router(uncommon) or the modem(common)?

If it plugs in to another router(uncommon), you have to make sure the router supplying the wireless connection to the computers has UPnP allowed and active.

If it connects to the modem(common) then you need to make sure the router is set up as a “gateway.”

the router is connected to a modem… and is already set up as a gateway :(?

any more help?


anyone have any answers to this?!


Nope me and my sis can both log on nad we share the network adapter and friewall and it still works.

did you have to change anything with your wireless router settings? how are you getting an IP? automatically?