Problems getting form to work with CGI

I’ve created a simple form to get userName, userEmail, userComments in a Flash file. The form works when I use trace, but when I try to send it to the server, it doesn’t work. I’ve been given a CGI script to use called, it is in my cgi-bin folder on the server. I know the problem is in the path I am targeting but I don’t know how to fix it. Here is the code on the submit button.
on (release) {
sendVars = new LoadVars(); = userName; = userEmail;
sendVars.comments = userComments;

In the FormMail script, there are two fields that are important in directing the information, the referers = ( and the recipients = ([email protected]). I don’t know how to use both of these in the senVars.send() Can anyone help me figure this out?