Can someone help me please

hi all.i need help, i can create a button in flash no problemo just wondering if you are able to use the button to open up a hyperlink to a file. ?

yes, from the actions browser (make sure you got there from the button) navigate through Actions then Browser/Network
what you want is getURL
have fun :slight_smile:

Yep. getURL ("<a href=“http://www.mysite/");">www.mysite/”);</a> is the syntax if my memory is correct. Maybe without the “”.

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Anthony… just for the record… when making a post, we REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you put some sort of discription of your problem in the subject line. “CAN SOMEONE HELP ME” means that everyone has to look at the post… where as if we know what the post is about ahead of time, people who don’t know the answer don’t have to bother to look at the post. Also, all caps is really anoying and rarely has the effect of making anyone take the post seriously.

Glad you found some help though.