Problems in Internet Explorer With Pop-ups

First off I just want to say this seems like a great community and I have already learned from and been impressed by the amount of knowledgeble people here.

I am relatively new to all this so bare with me. What I have done is created a basic flash movie/site which you can see here; of course it is not finished yet, but this is the basic layout.

What I am trying to do is create a button that when clicked on pops up into a html window which has information. I followed the excellent tutorial here at to create a button that pops up via javascript, and all seems well when I click on my links in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer the pop-ups don’t seem to work.

I am not running a pop-up blocker and I thought maybe the internet explorer security settings were interferring, but that doesn’t seem the case. I am trying to use IE 6.2.2900.2180, if that helps.

If anyone can give me a hint about this it would really help me out, because now I am a standstill.

I hate to be one of those people whose first post is a request for help, but I look forward to contributing to the site in the future.

On a smaller note, I am trying to center the flash movie in a borderless pop-up window, but this doesn’t seem to work, any other way to do this?

Thanks again