Problems publishing with flash remoting

I have a web server machine from which I am trying to webhost my own site, & that connect to my database(SqlServer2000) machine via flash remoting calls. The problem is that I can run the (swf) file OK locally from the webserver m/c (gateway=localhost), but not when I run it from within IE (

After more digging using the NetConnectionDebugger, I get the following error msg:
Amf status call: No service named “MySite.MySiteSql” is known to Flash remoting MX

Against this we have the following facts:

*Installed (using default settings): ColdFusion v6.1 standard (not developer)
*Installed(using default settings):Flash Remoting 2004 v2 (tried v1: same result)
*Installed IISv6
*Firewall in place
*setup: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MySite\MySiteSql.cfc
*working OK: ColdFusion/Remoting/Flash mx2004 (but locally between webserver & database machines)
*not working: connection to database server m/c, when invoked from the internet
Can anyone out there solve this tantalisingly close problem?

Regards, Alex