Problems scaling shadows!

Hi there im having trouble scaling shadows. I have a filled rectangle (vector) with a drop shadow, but when the animated rectangle grows, the shadow seems to over grow. I would like the shadow to grow in proportion, how can I get around this.

All created in flash MX. I also tried creating the shadow as a jpeg, then importing to Flash, but the same happens.


Who can help!! Plz.

Im assuming no one knows!

I would suggest instead of hard tweening your shadow, you just get the main white box working, and make it a separate movie clip. Then, on the layer where you have the movie clip symbol, duplicate it, lower the brightness down to -100, and offset it however many pixels you like. Then, it should always be mimicking the shape and location of the white box, and you can even edit the original box without having to worry about editing the shadow.

yeah, you need to shadow to be separate

Here’s a simple .fla