Problems trying to make my message appear

i have tried to make the message appear when the button is clicked on but in vain.

my objectivity is to make the “sorry.try again” message appear if the wrong button is clicked. 2 last tries will be given a chance. if stilll the third attempt is wrong, the answer message will appear.

i think that i write wrong conditions so can u take a look at my file? my file is very simple and not messy at all. so can u tell me what conditions to write after u take a look at my file. thanks!

i will greatly appreciate it if you can help me with this because i really need to get it running for my major project. thanks!

i forget to write down that i am using flash mx.

Hello, Jorena.

I see you’ve been trying hard to get the logic down for this problem. Before I begin, I want to tell you that this is the way I would approach the solution. It is by no means the ultimate solution, nor the best. Flash is all about approach. I think this solution is easier, you probably did not know about the tools, or maybe you were not familiar with them. I explained the code in detail, so it should be easy to follow.

Writing code can sometimes be easier if you talk yourself through it, and dont worry about the commands. Let me explain:


I want to give them 3 tries to answer.

Question you would ask yourself: How do you know when they tried? Answer: If the clicked on a button. That is one try.

Question: How do I keep track of the number of times?

Answer: You need Flash to “write down” every time they try. Adding one to each time.

Question: Does Flash have any features or commands that will let me “Store” a number and use it again later?

Answer: A variable.


By the way, please dont feel like I am talking down to you or anything like that. I am being thorough for the benefit of other people that are new to actionscript.

Hope this approach helps you out.

Take care.

thank you for your advice. Before I started writing the code, I asked myself how I want it to be done for approach. So I am not looking at Flash as a software where I am working for solutions. :slight_smile: As I am new to Actionscript, my thinking haven’t expanded yet. :slight_smile:

thank you for helping me with the quiz. However you are using the components. I do not want to use the components. I prefer to use my own graphics. I am not sure what code to write and how to write it the correct way to make the message appear.

can any souls be kind to help me with this quiz? I am quite stressed with it coz i really need it to get running for my major project. thanks! :slight_smile: