Problems viewing a flash movie with netscape


I am having a problem. My flash movie is being displayed well when I use Internet Explorer, but when I use netscape I cannot see nothing.

I don’t have any clue of what is the problem, I will really apreciate if someone can give me some clues on what to check.

Thank you very much!

have you installed the flash player since you installed netscape?!?

no, i have done my website, then I have uploaded to my hosting space, then people started to complain that when they are using netscape the animation flash does not appear.

It seems to be something in the html code, not in the movie itself, because if I change that movie to another html then it will work, I just did not found the code that probably must be added to work proprely. Can you help me?


what’s your code for displaying the swf, try this article:

well, one of your problems is that it’s … netscape…


…but seriously… are you using the html that’s published from flash? you may have left out an important embed thing…


Yes, thank you.
The problem was just in the code for displaying the flash movie.

Thank you!!!