Problems with buttons linked to pop up windows

I am currently piecing together my personal website. I have read the tutes on how to launch centered pop ups. If I create a blank .fla and make buttons with added actionscript to each button, when its previewed it works fine, and it will load the specified link in the actionscript. If I try to this in my current .fla movie which is going on the web, the buttons do nothing at all. Ive tryed everything I possibly could: putting all the buttons that are in the movie together in one movie clip and placing the clip on the stage, re creating the .fla from scratch, putting the contained pop up buttons directly on the stage, deleting everything in my main movie that Im trying to affect, and just placing the contained pop up buttons. There are four buttons on the stage in one layer, each button linking to an html document in my site. They work fine. Then three buttons which each have links to 3 separate pop up windows which will load three separate html documents fit to the size of the pop up windows.

Can anyone help me with this?