Problems with drag

When i click on an MC, it starts to drag. When i click on another MC, the MC before this one stays on it’s place and the new one starts to drag. When i want to drag the past one (click on him again), he won’t move. Why?

wut does your code look like? post the code on each of the buttons. Its probably just a minor problem somewhere.

on (press) {\r startDrag ("", true);\r}\r\rOn both of them.

You have to use an if condition to check if the other one is being dragged. Because I believe that in Flash, two objects cannot be dragged at the same time.\rpom 0]

That answered my question. I have a custom mouse but when I click on the scroll bar I have it leaves the mouse graphics behind. Too bad there isn’t a way to get around that… :frowning:

Of course there’s a way around. You can simply write

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {\r\r   _x = _root._xmouse ;\r\r   _y = _root._ymouse ;\r\r}

And that’s it. You can drag as many things as you want.\r\rpom 0]

Can’t believe something like that didn’t come to me earlier…\rThx :smiley:

Nobody’s perfect… :smiley: \r\rpom 0]