Problems with Flash/XML Image Gallery

Alright, this is completely confusing me. I created a photo gallery using the tuturiol on here, and it works great…except for this 1 instance. I am the webmaster for a car club and I’ve got the files set up so all I have to do is copy and paste the .swf and .xml file and do some minor modifications for it to work. Well it has worked well for a couple of the members pages, now all of a sudden on 1 members page, on 1 of the image galleries it loads and shows 6 out of 8 images. Now the last 2 it will still act like its loading it but won’t show it. There are 2 more image galleries that don’t show any images, but acts like it loads the images. I have done everything the same as I did on the other members, but for the life of me I can’t find out what is going on with this one. The images are there, the filenames and extensions are correct, it just won’t load it. Any suggestions?

Site is at
Members that have pics:
AR: Tony, John
CA: Tram, Greg, John
Problem swf is on Greg’s page.