Problems with html formatting and attachMovieclip

Hello people,

Despite my recent balding pattern, I am pulling my hair out over this one:

I have a small movieclip with a dynamic text box in it. This movieclip resides in my library with a linkage id so I can attach it to trhe stage using attachmovieclip. This is done in a loop to populate a menu I have on stage. The values of the text are assigned in this loop from an array. Even though I have the html formatting option on (<>) it won’t display the html…instead it renders the html tag as text. I have embedded a subsequent text box with my alternative font in my little movieclip. My text has a font tag (<FONT FACE=‘some font’>my text</FONT>) but it will not render the font…it just spits the tag out!

Has anyone experienced this? Is this a bug or am I overlooking something?

The fonts are embedded, the html setting is on but it does not work…:frowning:

Please help!..I have attached an example…

Try :

 newbut.labelBox.**htmlText** = _root.mytext*; 

Thanks bro!!!..