Problems with menu with onRollOver/onRelease

I am building a menu that when you RollOver the link a tab slides down, when you RollOut the tab slides back up and when you onRelease the tab stays in the lower position until another tab is clicked, then the “1st tab” slides up into the upper position. My problem is that sometimes when a tab is in the lowered position and I scroll across another link to have the tab slide down…the “2nd tab” stays in place for no reason at all. Here is my code…

LinkBar.Partners.onRollOver = function() {, 1, {_y:20, ease:Back.easeOut});
LinkBar.Partners.onRollOut = function() {, 1, {_y:-45, ease:Back.easeOut});
LinkBar.Partners.onRelease = function() {, 1, {_y:-68, ease:Back.easeOut});, 1, {_y:-64, ease:Back.easeOut});, .1, {_alpha:0});, 1, {_y:-82, ease:Back.easeOut, delay:.1});, 1, {_y:-45, ease:Back.easeOut});, 1, {_y:-45, ease:Back.easeOut});, 1, {_y:20, ease:Back.easeOut});, 1, {_y:-45, ease:Back.easeOut});
		LinkBar.Partners.onRollOut = null;, 1, {removeTint:true});, 1, {removeTint:true});, 1, {removeTint:true});, 1, {removeTint:true});, 1, {removeTint:true});, 1, {tint:0x55A7ED});, 1, {removeTint:true});

For some reason it seems like the “2nd tab” will fire the onRelease when the onRollover should fire. Any thoughts? I feel like I am just missing something stupid…thanks for the help