Problems with on(press) and on(rollOver)

hello all.
i’m having a problem concerning the functions on(press) and on(rollOver).
i have a movieclip (text.swf) that contains text (which is also a movieclip) that can be scrolled up and down with two buttons. the text movieclip has the following code:
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][COLOR=Blue]onClipEvent (load) {
oben = this._y;
mask = 10;
unten = -this._height+mask;
speed = 20;
_parent.up = false;
_parent.dwn = false;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_parent.up) {
if (this._y<oben) {
this._y += speed;
if (_parent.dwn) {
if (this._y>unten) {
this._y -= speed;

[COLOR=Black]and the down-button has the following script:

[COLOR=Black]and the same script lies on the up button but instead of dwn it says up.
up to this point everything works fine when i preview the film.

now i would like to load this movieclip (text.swf) into another movieclip.
[COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Black]this script is on the first frame:[/COLOR]
loadMovie(“text.swf”, “_root.container”);
as you can see the movieclip “text.swf” is beeing loaded into a movieclip with the instance name “container” even up to this point there are no problems and everything works the way it should. but now i would like to have the option that i can drag the “container”[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]with my mouse, so i use the following code:[/COLOR]
on (press) {
on (release) {

[COLOR=Black]this is when i’m having problems. now i am able to drag around the container, containig the text.swf but the scroll buttons wont work, so i can’t scroll my text.[/COLOR]

anyone out there who can help me with this??
i’d appreciate any help.