Problems with preloader code

In the following code I set my preloader to play an swf. If I test the preloader inside or outside the flash author environment it plays the swf. If I change the swf to a new file name and resave the flash file with a new name it won’t play the new swf. I can’t figure out whats going on. I am using FlashMX 2004 Prof.

/* First thing to do is set the stage size of 
   this movie at the same size as your 
   "to be loaded" movie, and re-position the display
   elements to your liking.
   Also set the same framerate as your movie.
   Then replace "YOUR.swf" in 2 of the lines below, 
   with the name of your movie.
   Last, make sure your present movie is cleared 
   of any preloader.
// Hides displayed elements
this.reelmc._visible = false;
this.loadbar._visible = false;
percent_display = "";
//create a new movieclip to load
//the external movie into
//load the external movie into the new movieclip
//check the download status of the external
//movie once every frame
    //trace the percentage of the movie that has loaded
  if (percent == 0) {
   percent_display = "";
  } else {
   percent_display = Math.ceil(percent) + "% LOADED.";
  this.loadbar._visible = true;
  this.loadbar._xscale = percent;
  if (percent > 1) {
   this.reelmc._visible = true;
    if(percent == 100){
  delete this.onEnterFrame;
  this.reelmc._visible = false;
  percent_display = "";
  this.loadbar._visible = false;
  loadMovieNum("Culture_History.swf", 0);