Problems with Volume Slider - Help! =]

Hi there people :slight_smile:

I had recently used to tutorial on a volume slider,
(this is located at: )
and have opened it fine, completed the tutorial, and it works fine in its flash file (sound plays, volume changes, everything perfect)

I now want to move it across to my own personal flash movie,
with it working perfectly, exactly the same.
But, having tried, I have moved it, but cannot get the sound to work.
I have tried importing the flash clip itself, and also copying it across.
I have imported the sound clip into my flash movie aswell.
The circles enlarge when the volume goes up, and decrease in size when the volume slider goes down.

I cannot find any fault with the code, maybe if anyone could help,
that would be beautiful, hehe :be:

Thanks in advance,
Iā€™l be here incase any questions/answers are needed