Problems with windows XP

Well I’ve just reformatted my computer but I seem to be getting problems with win XP, just wondered if any of you could help me.

  1. Computer freezes on startup on the loading window (with the win xp logo). I’ve tried removing the amount of items that startup when my computer loads, but this doesn’t help much :-/

  2. Randomly, my computer restarts. Its a pain, and usually happens when i’m playing warcraft :{ I’ve taken the side panels off but it still happens so it shouldn’t be a heat problem.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Sounds heat related off the bat. I will need, eh em. Your mother board manuf. and model #, amount of RAM, and temp and type of cpu. Can you cook an egg on it boy? :slight_smile: I’ve had that happen. Hopefully your BIOS keeps a monitor on this. Are there any kind of alrams or sirens that go off when your playing? Alot of the newer boards raise holy hell when they get to hot. Oh btw, what was the reason for the format?

I’m with li0n on that. It is probablly the heat. You could take a can of compressed air and blow air into all the places where the fan and the heatsink are. If there is a lot of dust on your heatsink, your heat probably doesn’t get dissipated well.


ok well here are the specs…

motherboard: Magic-pro (MP-K7V-M4)
Ram: 512
temp of cpu: 55
temp of system: 38
CPU: 1.4ghz AMD

no sirens when it restarts, just when playing warcraft :-/

And the reason for the format was because of viruses, but mainly because warcraft was working, and the reason for that was because I didn’t install the motherboard driver :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve taken the side panels off but it still happens so it shouldn’t be a heat problem.

Actually, that will probably make your heat problem worse. Your case should be designed to move air into the front of your case and out the back (I suppose it could go from back to front, but most don’t). Taking off your side panels actually inhibits this air flow, and the heat from your machine ends up just “hanging” around.

Since your computer freezes during loading and randomly shuts off, there are about a billion things that could be wrong. If all your fans are turning properly and your CPU heatsink is positioned properly, I suppose you’ll have to go through the checklist of things that could be wrong. In order of the way I like to test things:

  1. Reformat your machine. Totally wipe it clean and then install. Also, make sure you don’t have a boot sector virus.
  2. RAM, first try reseating your RAM and then try different RAM
  3. CPU, first try reseating your CPU and then try a different CPU
  4. Power Supply, you could try a new power supply
  5. MotherBoard, if all else fails, you might have a bad mobo

It would be kind of hard for a normal person to test some of these things (I mean, who has an extra CPU laying around?), so you might have to take it to a professional.


Ok well thanks teet, i’ll have a go at them, atleast with the first one. By the way, how do you make sure you don’t have a boot sector virus? If you reformat everything wouldn’t this just get wiped out as well? thanks

no it wouldn’t you need to look for the fixblast tool for removing the blaster virus, and the stinger tool as well.

where do i get the fixblast and stinger tool?

just google them next time :slight_smile:


actually I think I found them on google prstudio, thanks. All showed up no viruses. I guess i’ll be doing another reformat tonight then :-/

EDIT: oops didn’t see your message teet. yeah just realised that after i posted :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you making out? Do you get a blue screen with white text when it bombs on wc3? What type of video card do you have? I’m still feelin the heat thing. Does your video card have a fan/heat sink? Whats the temp in the room? Do you have any dry ice? :slight_smile:

the heat thing would normally just shut the computer down tho…not restart it.

I had problems with Medal of Honor Allied Assault a while ago, sure enough it just crashed or switched of then rebooted itself… taking the side panel of did help but then more dust got in… I just cleaned it like Kirupa said, fired the panel back on and its never worked better… if anyone actually found that useful… yay…

well I’ve reformatted my computer now, and everything is working smoothly, so far. So just hope it stays like this :slight_smile: thanks everyone