Product Color Chooser - Checkbox Help

I’m new to Flash, so hopefully I’ll be able to clearly explain what I’m trying to achieve. I’m making a product color chooser (Actionscript 2.0), that is intended to allow customers to preview different color combinations of a product.

The product has three areas that can have customized colors. I’ve made these areas movie clips with the following instance names: LowerPanel, *UpperPanel *and Valance. There are twenty-four instances of a swatch button with various tints applied to them, (twelve for the UpperPanel and twelve for the LowerPanel). The code for each of the swatch buttons is as follows, but with different color values and instance names as needed.

[FONT=Courier New][LEFT][FONT=Courier New][LEFT][AS]on (press) {
var fabricColor = new Color("_root.UpperPanel");
[/FONT] Ok, very simple and it works fine. Click a swatch color and the corresponding area of the product changes.

Here’s where I’m having trouble…
The next area, the Valance, isn’t supposed to work in quite the same way.
I’d like to have a checkbox that when checked, makes the Valance color match that of the LowerPanel. But I’m not sure how to go about doing this. I’ve added a checkbox component, gave it an instance name of ValanceCheckBox, and now I’ve spent a couple of days trying to find a way to make it do what I need without success.

If anyone could help point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful.
A stripped down .FLA file can be downloaded here.

Here’s an excerpt of the code I currently have on the first frame of the timeline:

[LEFT][FONT=Courier New][LEFT][AS]//Create color objects
var valancecolor:Color = new Color(Valance);
var lowerpanelcolor:Color = new Color(LowerPanel);

//Change Valance color
function changeColor() {
//If LowerPanel is light tan, make Valance light tan
if (lowerpanelcolor.getRGB() == 0xf6ecc7) {
//If LowerPanel is buff, make Valance buff
} else if (lowerpanelcolor.getRGB() == 0xd3b284) {
//If LowerPanel is terra cotta, make Valance terra cotta
} else if (lowerpanelcolor.getRGB() == 0x903f34) {
//If LowerPanel is brown, make Valance brown
} else if (lowerpanelcolor.getRGB() == 0x684a3d) {
//If LowerPanel is dark green, make Valance dark green
} else if (lowerpanelcolor.getRGB() == 0x2e734e) {
ValanceCheckBox.addEventListener(“click”, changeColor);[/AS] [/LEFT]
This simply doesn’t work correctly. Placing a check in the checkbox will make the Valance movie clip change to the correct color, but unchecking it doesn’t return it to its original color. Further, the checkbox basically acts as a toggle, so it’s checked and unchecked states can get reversed.

Any suggestions?