Project Ahab official site

Hello all,

I’m fromalk, proud president of a Belgian game-design community/website, I’ve been working on the website for our first real project for about 2 months, and I’m pritty pleased with the results myselves. No I want to do a site check to find out what others are thinking of it! It has got a template system which originally was a smarty, but I’ve nearly completely rewritten it.
I’m still working on the about and the FAQ text but that shouldn’t be any sort of problem for this check!

I’ve provided a bug report system (link on the left bar of the side) so that people can report bugs, if any left off-course… All the pages should be up and running perfect now. There is also a phpbb forum, which is eft basic, there is a simpel explenation for that, I’ll be writing a special forum fore the entire UnDreamedStudios website, but it’s not finished yet, so for now it’s running on a phpbb, shich is suffisend for now ;).

I’m also looking for some people interested in participating in checking the spelling and grammar of our site / forum, you can report some bugs by the bug report feature however you can also sign up on the team as a spell and grammar check’er :stuck_out_tongue:
You do need a decent/perfect knowledge of the English language for that…

Thankx in advance hope you’ll like the website!